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What is Truck Insurance?

Truck insurance also known as Truckers coverage form is a variation of Commercial Auto Insurance except it is a policy specified to recognize hazards unique to those whose business is hauling goods for others.

Who does Truck Insurance cover?

Trucker Insurance is similar to Commercial Auto except that in the liability section of truck insurance; it has an expanded coverage of whose insured, which is anyone from whom a vehicle hired or borrowed and is used for the benefit of the insured's business under operating rights granted by a public authority. Sometimes, truckers and carriers of trailers are not insured under certain occasions.

What is covered under Truck Insurance?

  • Legal Liability of the Insureds

  • Defense Costs

  • Supplementary Payments

  • Physical Damage Coverage (includes Comprehensive, Collision, Specified Causes of Loss)

  • Trailer Interchange COverage (includes a Physical Damage Coverage for damage to trailers owned by others)

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