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What is Businessowners Insurance?

Its policy is conceptuallysimilar to Homeowners Insurance but the coverages instead of being optional, the policy contains an indivisible package of required coverages that meet the ordinary needs of certain classes of business.

What businesses are eligible for Businessowners Policy?

  • Apartment houses and residential condominium association buildings

  • Offices and office condo associations (building must not be above six stories or exceed 100,000 sq. ft. of area)

  • Mercantile, wholesaler, service or processing risks (must not exceed 25,000 sq. ft. or 3 million dollars in gross sales)

  • "Trade" contractors whose work is a specialty (not be general contractors or those performing hazardous types of construction)

  • Self-storage facilities (cannot exceed two stories)

  • Convenience food stores (gasoline sales must be less than 75% of annual gross sales & no auto service or repair operations)

  • "Limited-cooking" (means the food preparation does not emit enough smoke or vapor to require installation of exhaust systems or dry-chemical extinguishing systems) and fast-food restaurants

What coverage is included within Businessowners Insurance?

Property coverage is relatively broad and is written on an "open perils" basis. Businessowners Liability Coverage Form is per occurrence with no claims-made option and its coverage form is subject to several different liability limits. Common Policy Conditions is included in the insurance policy which relates to cancellation, changes in coverage, premiums, inspections, audits, and the assignment of the policy.

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